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Professional Balanced Audio Is Here!


We proudly introduce the Scarlett 2i4!

When it comes to audio quality in major sound systems you can't stress enough about having professional quality sounding systems. Ever feel a difference when you walk in to a resturaunt like Jimmy Johns that has invested more in the audio system? Yeah. Now we introduce adding the Scarlett to our list of useful equipment!


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We're Looking For Bands!

livefromrefugeeIn partnership with NRCW TV, Club MYX™ is looking for local and regional bands of medium to small size that would benefit from either live streaming and / or video. We're offering a special pricing for events at 75% off the first two bands to contract. This is a great way to reach a broader audience or if you are already established (e.g. sell tickets) allows you to have a professional music video DVD completed at an insane cost since this is experimental for us!

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Club MYX Goes Wireless

Nady Microphone SystemGetting out and about in the rink last night with the new wireless system was awesome! That in combination with remotely controlling the DJ system from my old iPod means I can go anywhere in the rink and do a live stopset, interact with the skaters and start the music whenever I want to wirelessly. Definitely impressed a lot of people last night walking around and they saw me right behind them when I was talking (the wow facial expressions).
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Club MYX Gets a Shock on New Years Eve

Literally. With all of the complex wiring, USB cables, power and audio connections, we got tangled up on Monday. We ended up frying a total of 4TB (yes, terrabytes) of hard drive space and shocking myself as well wit hthe full 120v power supply. Only a few of the staff members and one or two customers  knew what happened.


Also the 2 minutes of silence was a small hint. I'm quite proud to recover, re-install the OS and continue the show and not lose a single request in the process, all in under 14 minutes. We have a lot of work to do to restore the massive amount of data we lost, including financial data, completed work and more but should be back to normal in a week or two.

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